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Sexual pheromones for Fruit Flies

The trap

For this kind of pest, because of their flight behavior and the great number of captures of males that are registered, the evaluation of the flight control generally accomplished with special flies traps.

Effective, robust and practical, they are plastic-made traps and can last all along the season.

The attractive substance is placed inside the trap, and the flies, attracted by it, come inside by the bottom part of the trap and die by immersion in water/oil or because a DDVP tablet is place inside (also provided).

Yellow gummed-sheets are also used for Dacus Oleae or Olive Fruit Flies, in which the pest is stuck on the surface.

The attracting substance

The attracting chemicals, packed in a polyurethane box or a cotton cylinder, are constantly released within 6 weeks.

The most important species used are:

Scientific name Common name
Ceratitis capitata Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Dacus (Bractocera) oleae Olive Fruit Fly
Dacus dorsalis Oriental Fruits Fly
Dacus cucurbitae Melon Fly

Trap listing