R & D, technical advice

BIAGRO S.L. since 1982 manufactures and markets products in order to resolve all kinds of technical issues occurred in the fields. They are products that are distinct from the competition based on their quality thanks to the continuous development of technically advanced formulations.

High efficiency and profitability assured through organic products, safe and without waste.

We specialize in the manufacture and marketing of zero-residue organic products, agri-nutritional or bioprotective formulations.

The development of agile business strategies and our highly qualified personnel allows us to adapt to various markets and continents in continuous growth, in consistent improvement.

In addition to a great implementation at the national level, we continue to promote the internationalization of our company to make it more competitive globally.

We are an active part of various professional associations and have products registered in organic certifiers of recognized prestige such as SHC and FIBL (Demeter).

BIAGRO S.L. is a founding member of AEFA (Spanish Agricultural Nutrients Manufacturers Association), which obliges us even more in our commitment to quality and in our respect for environment.