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The method

The male insects mass trapping (Mass trapping) is an ecologic method, specific for each insect and environmentally friendly. The method consists of capturing the best number of males in hand possible through the use of sexual pheromones, thus reducing the caused damages on the tree.

The effects of using this trap are mainly shown as of the second year of use.

From 6 to 10 traps are used per hectare, and are loaded with the specific dispenser (see list).

The trap

The TREE SAFE Trap is specially designed for the capture of large-size insects (Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus). Made of polypropylene, it is resistant to treatments and to the atmospheric agents’ action during years. With a pyramidal form, it is 40 cm high and the base is 30 cm wide. For Zeuzera Pyrina it comes with some plastic ribbons that interrupt their flight and avoid their dismissal.

Around 10 traps are placed per hectare at a height that stands 20 cm out above the tree.

The attracting substance:

The same dispensers as in Monitoring for Zeuzera pyrina are used.

TreeSAFE Trap assembly for Zeuzera pyrina

Steps for assembling:

  1. Assemble piece no. 3 until it acquires a cone-form, using the flaps.
  2. Assemble both pieces no. 1 among them and put them into piece number 3 until it forms a cross.
  3. Put the longest metallic tube (piece no. 4) into the central hole in piece no. 2 and afterwards into the hole in the base of piece no.3. The rounded base of the tube must be on the top.
  4. Assemble, into the corresponding holes with the flaps, pieces no.1 to no.2.
  5. Place the shortest tube (piece no.4) inside the longest tub, from the base. Subsequently, tighten and adjust the wing nuts over the pieces no.2 and no.3.
  6. The plastic pieces (piece no.5) are separated and placed into the small holes in piece no. 2, until they are stable and hung.
  7. The pheromone is placed on the cross between pieces no. 1. If a Vapona tablet is placed, it will be at the base of piece no.3.


  1. Two pieces in cross-form, to be inserted one into the other.
  2. Rounded hat
  3. Cone-form wrapping
  4. Two metallic tubes, to be inserted one into the other, telescopic-form and assembled with a wing nut.
  5. Plastic comb.

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Trampa TreeSAFE