The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) appeared on the scene several years ago.

The continuous withdrawal of certain insecticides because of the cancellation of the Registration, towards a unique European Registration, and still the increasing problem of the resistance of the pests to the insecticides, has pushed with energy the birth of new IPM methods.

TANGLE-TRAP Special glue for insects traps


TAD ALL Weather is especially designed for capturing insects. It is ready to use and keeps its adhesive power until it is covered of insects or other materials. It serves to detecting the quantity of insects such as flies, ants, and other flying or slithering insects in houses, greenhouses, orchards, gardens, etc.

TAD ALL Weather is an odor – free, light and brilliant colored viscous gel, made from the combination of several polybutenes with stabilizers. Its ingredients are not phytotoxic, and the material is not repellent, and it does not contain insecticides, nor fungicides.

TAD ALL Weather provides an excellent adhesion to all kind of surfaces. Heating or additives are not required. It maintains its adhesive power through repeated dampness and drought cycles, within a temperature range of 4,4ºC – 57ºC.

Formats: 420 grams, 3.18 Kilograms and 6.3 Kilograms.