Mass trapping

The method

The male insects massive capture (Mass trapping) is an ecologic method, specific for each insect and environmentally friendly.
The method consists of capturing the best number of males in hand possible through the use of sexual pheromones, thus reducing the caused damages on the tree.
The effects of the use of the mass trapping are shown mainly as of the second year.
When utilizing, employ from 6 to 10 traps per Ha. Charged with the specific dispenser (see list).

The trap

Two types of traps are used, depending on the pests to be treated:

BIAGRO TRAP or MOTH-FIGHTER: specially designed for small and medium-sized lepidoptera, it is made of three resistant plastic pieces (PVC), in which the insect enters from the top and is seized.

The pheromone dispenser hangs from the top of a plastic cage and a vaponz tablet (D. D. V. P.) is put inside whose role is to prevent insects to get out of the trap.

TREESAFE TRAP: This trap is particularly designed for capturing large-sized insects – Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus -. Made of polypropylene, it is resistant to treatments and the atmospheric agents throughout the years. Pyramidal-sized, its dimensions are 40 cm height and 30 cm width. For combating Zeuzera Pyrina it comes with some plastic ribbons that interrupt the insect’s flight and avoid its leaving.


The attractive substance

The same dispensers as for monitoring are used. The method is only used for a limited number of pests so far, but will progressively increase.

Plague Trap Number Position
Zeuzera pyrina TreeSAFE 10 20-40 cm over the tree
Cossus cossus TreeSAFE -C 10 Upper part of the tree
Synanthedon myopaeformis (Sesia) BIAGRO 4 a 6 At eye level