Biagro Funnel Trap

Trampa Biagro Funnel

The method

The insects mass trapping (Mass trapping) is an ecological method, specific for every insect and environmentally-friendly.

The method consists of the capture of the greater possible number of male of the insect at issue by using sexual pheromones and reducing this way the damages caused in the tree. The effects of the use of the mass trapping are shown mainly as of the second year of use.

From 6 to 10 traps per hectare are used, charged with the specific dispenser (see list).

The trap

The BIAGRO TRAP or MOTH-TRAPPING is indicated for small and medium-sized Lepidoptera. It is made of three resistant plastic pieces (PVC) in which the insect enters by the top and is seized inside. These pieces are made of three colors (yellow, white and green) to reinforcing the visual attraction.

The pheromones dispenser is placed hanging from the top of a plastic cage and a Vapona tablet (DDVP) whose function is to avoid insects get out of the trap, is placed inside.

Around 10 traps are placed per hectare, and depending on the crop, they are placed at one height or at another. For horticultural crops they are hung at 1 meter height approximately. In fruit trees they are hung at the height of the eyes approximately.

The same dispensers are used as for Monitoring. Until now, this method is only used for a limited number of pest (Synanthedom myopaeformis, heliothia armígera,etc…) which will be increased progressively.


The most used trap for capturing small and medium – sized lepidopterae is the FUNNEL – TRAP. Formed of three plastic pieces of three different colors (yellow, white and green) for reinforcing the capture via visual attraction.

In the inside a sexual pheromone dispenser and a Vapona tablet are placed, which last the same time, and whose task is to kill the insects that are trapped and prevent their escape.
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