XLure 90

The method

XLURE90 is a sexual insects’ pheromones-handling system which represents a meaningful technological improvement. XLURE90 offers a better and longer-lasting pheromones-spread thanks to a new gel wrapper which keeps a constant dispersion for 90 days uninterruptedly, without peaks distorting the flight reading.

The diffusion of XLURE90 lasts all the pests season, which implies saving in time and effort, since no changes are to be made every 4 – 5 weeks as in the regular dispensers.


XLURE90 also offers other advantages against the regular dispensers:

  • Color codes which allow us to identify each pheromone due to its color.
  • The dispenser comes in individual bags, protected from the UV rays.
  • The dispensers packages guarantee the maximal coolness of the pheromone and there is no need to keep cool.


The trap

Two types of traps are used, depending on the pests to be beaten: DELTA BIAGRO TRAP and BIAGRO FUNNEL TRAP

Scientific name Common name Recommended trap
Lobesia botrana Grapevine Moth Biagro, Delta
Cydia pomonella Codling Moth Biagro, Delta

XLure 90 - Biagro