The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) appeared on the scene several years ago. The continuous withdrawal of certain insecticides because of the cancellation of the Registration, towards a unique European Registration, and still the increasing problem of the resistance of the pests to the insecticides, has pushed with energy the birth of new IPM methods.


Pegamentos_2Anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT

The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT has been used in North America since 1900. Nowadays, however, it perfectly suits in the role of mechanically manipulating insects populations, without treatments and in an ecological manner.

How? When it is applied as a continuous band around the trunk, it prevents crawling insects from having access from the ground to the top of the tree, where they cause the economical damage. The product is not an insecticide, but its mechanical mode of action builds a glue barrier right after its application.

The insecticides give us an immediate but short-lasting control: the continuous application is the usual option adopted by the farmer. The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT can stop the movement of the insects in the trunk, immediately after its application and can last as long as the season lasts. The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT does not bring a solution to every type of insects, but it does for those situations in which the intect moves from the ground to the crown, where it causes the damage.

The secondary benefits of the anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT are the increase of the growth of the trees, less need of plantation and, of course, a reduction of the application of pesticides.

The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT is also effective for ants, an increasingly important pest in certain crops such as in fruit trees.


1.-What is the anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT?

It is a natural resin/based product, polymerized with castor oil and mixed with vegetal wax. It is caramel-colored, viscous and sticky.

2.-Is it a toxic product?

NO!. The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT is not toxic for humans, animals and beneficial insects.

3.-How long does the product remains active for?

The anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT stays active until the exposed surfaces are covered by dust, leaves or insects. To reactivate the anti-plagues barrier, only scratch the surface with a flat tool to re-expose the sticky surface again.

4.-How should I apply the product?

The product is normally applied directly to the trunk with the applicator. The use of adhesive bands is suggested (ANTIPLAGUE BAND), easy to place, to avoid any damage possibility on the trees.

5.-Can I apply the product on humid surfaces?

YES. The product can easily be applied on the humid bark without making it loose its adhesive power.

6.-Should I scratch the bark before the application?

NO. The product is very viscous and adapts well to the tree’s coarse bark, and fills all the cracks avoiding the way up for insects.

7.-Does the product get dry after the application?

NO, the product remains active during a long time period, both under humid and dry conditions.

For young trees, in which the wood is still unripe, it is recommended to place a plastic band or to use the Anti-plague Bands around the trunk. The Anti-plagues glue TANGLEFOOT is applied to these bands.

For reactivating the adhesive surface that has lost efficiency, scratch with a knife or a similar tool, for uncovering the layer underneath, which is more adhesive.

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Pegamentos_2TANGLE-TRAP Special glue for insects traps


TANGLE – TRAP is especially designed for capturing insects. It is ready to use and keeps its adhesive power until it is covered of insects or other materials. It serves to detecting the quantity of insects such as flies, ants, and other flying or slithering insects in houses, greenhouses, orchards, gardens, etc.

TANGLE – TRAP is an odor – free, light and brilliant colored viscous gel, made from the combination of several polybutenes with stabilizers. Its ingredients are not phytotoxic, and the material is not repellent, and it does not contain insecticides, nor fungicides.

TANGLE – TRAP provides an excellent adhesion to all kind of surfaces. Heating or additives are not required. It maintains its adhesive power through repeated dampness and drought cycles, within a temperature range of 4.4 – 57ºC.