Quality and research in agriculture

BIAGRO S.L. is a Spanish firm founded in 1982 by D. Antonio Quesada Vicient with the aim of solving the new problems of modern agriculture with regards of quality and production, and with this purpose its workforce has a 20 years’ experience in research for obtaining in an excellent way the most complete and perfect nutrition for the crops.

Since then until today BIAGRO S.L. has developed a wide range of natural NUTRIENTS with the aim of giving response to the increasing and imperative need of quality in a competitive market. Moreover, BIAGRO S.L. is in continuous and accelerated growth through its own research and strategic alliances with Universities.

In our way of working and understanding the agriculture, we stand out due to the high efficiency products that we offer which in addition, are environmentally friendly, meaning eco-friendly and safe products and residue-free.

All this is possible thanks to our constant research, development and innovation activity (R + D + i) devoted to achieve a competitive and high-quality agriculture.

Yet, since 1990 BIAGRO S.L. specialized in the Integrated pest management for the crops, distributing a wide range of traps and sexual pheromones for the monitoring, mass trapping and mating disruption, and offering constant technical support for the farmers and Official Services.

We are also developing wide range of eco-friendly products due to the importance of organic agriculture is achieving in our market.


  • Advice in integrated pest management
  • Monitoring
  • Personalized BIAGRO solutions


BIAGRO S.L. is one of the founder partners of AEFA (Spanish Agricultural nutrients Manufacturers Association) which lead us even more to our commitment of quality, respecting the legal frame within the Spanish and European regulations, with a complete transparency towards our clients and Official Institutions.

Today BIAGRO S.L. has most up-to-date facilities in Massalfassar (Valencia, Spain) and a wide workforce for fully developing the production, research and commercialization tasks of all of our products. Besides its constant growth, BIAGRO S.L. has a network of more than 40 distributors all around Spain. At the present time the company is implementing an internationalization program and is searching distributors in all five continents with the confidence of offering innovative and hi-quality products for a responsible and competitive agriculture.

The recognition by BVQI Seal of Quality ISO 9001 certifies and guarantees the progress in the quality of our products and services.



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