Fly Trap

Trampa_mosquero_web1.- DESCRIPTION
It is a detachable plastic trap, treated with an UV-rays protector for avoiding discoloration. It is also resistant to blows. It consists of three parts (see attached figure).

The traps must be hung in safe and shadowed places (trees, warehouses ceilings, etc.). The setting is simple, since it enough to hang the trap from the supplied cord and load it with the sexual pheromone following these steps:
1.- Take out the dispenser from the bag and place it in the FLY TRAP . It can be placed at the bottom or pinned in the projecting plastic piece on the inside-part of the trap.
2.- Take out a Vapona tablet from the envelope and place it at the bottom of the FLY TRAP.
3.- Hung a trap from a branch at an approximate height of 170 cm from the ground.
4.- The pheromone and the Vapona tablet should be changed approximately from two and a half to three months.
5.-Avoid the manual handling with the pheromone or the Vapona tablet since this may affect to its proper working.
3.- USES
- Used for evaluating the flight curves of the Ceratitis Capitata and for detecting its presence in the crop, with which the treatments could be more effectively managed.

- It is normally used in the insects massive capture, being completely innocuous since there is no contact with plants, animals or people.

Once the trap is full of insects, it is emptied and reloaded with attracting-substance or the corresponding pheromone.
The average useful life of the trap is several seasons, being reloaded when necessary without removing them from where they are (warehouse, farm, etc.)

The different elements of which the lot is composed have an average useful life of:

Sexual pheromone 2.5 – 3 months
Vapona tablet 2.5 – 3 months
Fly trap At least two years are guaranteed

The quantity and distribution of traps, depending on crops and uses are as follow:
1.- Fruit trees and citric fruit trees
1 trap + sexual pheromone/5000 m2 for evaluating flight curves (Monitoring).
* 2 traps + sexual pheromone/1000 m2 for mass trapping.




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