Soil disinfectant



Hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) ……………………………………… 35.0% w/w


Applications and doses:

Its action is based in its oxidative effect: it produces OH and free radicals that attack a great wide rande of organic compounds, within which lipids and proteins can be found, which form the cells membranes of the microorganisms. The catalase enzyme appearing in the tissues rapidly degrades the hydrogen peroxide producing oxygen which complicates the germination of the anaerobic spores. Because of this, PEROX is a powerful soil disinfectant.

PEROX is a biodegradable product, leaving zero residues since it decomposes producing oxygen and water.

It is recommended to apply the product to the soil through localized irrigation, at the first growing stages.


   Soils without crop: 100 L/ha

   For cleaning the irrigation system: apply 10 L/ha before watering. Subsequently a maintenance dose can be done at 5 L/ha


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