Coloured sticky traps

The trap

. They are especially designed for the massive capture of small winged insects, which are attracted by the color.

The sheets have the following characteristics:

  • Great amount of glue on the entire surface (except edges for its handling) which implies a greater capacity of capture.
  • High-quality non-spillable, non-drying glue, even at high temperatures, which implies a greater duration in field.
  • High-hardness, tough plastic base.


Yellow color is used mainly for mites, white flies, grown-ups cochineals, etc. Dimensions 220 mm width, 350 mm high
Blue color is used mainly for trips. Dimensions 245 mm width, 400 mm high
Black color is mainly used for Tuta Absoluta. Dimensions 245 mm width, 400 mm high


*For other dimensions and designs, please enquire about.


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