Bical Flow

Bical Flow

Bical Flow



Liquid limestone amendment. Concentrated suspension (flow)

Applications and doses:

BICAL FLOW is a liquid limestone amendment in the form of a concentrated suspension (flow) that is used for the restoration of calcium in the soil mainly and also for use in soils of high salinity and conductivity.

BICAL FLOW neutralizes acid soils and facilitates the washing of salts by leaching, allowing the cationic exchange of the soil.

For its formulation, raw materials (calcium carbonate) are used for a better dispersion of the product in the application, which does not sediment and does not seal the application systems



   1. – 20 to 40 L/ha in soil with problematic average, distributed in 3 or 4 applications.

   2. – 40 to 50 L/ha in acid soils distributing the dose in two applications, the first before the crop and the second at the beginning of the crop.

   3. – In soils with problems of high conductivity, apply 40 to 50 L/ha but distributed in weekly or biweekly applications throughout the crop.


Líquido. Envases: 20L, 1000L Plazo de seguridad: sin límites  Intervalo de pH en el que se garantiza la estabilidad de la fracción complejada: 3-6,8