Biostimulants and nutricional



Beyron is a biostimulant, obtained by a fermentation process of plant extracts, resulting in a balanced aminogram, which activates physiological processes in times of stress. It is rich in glutamic acid, and provides the crop with the necessary energy to optimize various physiological and metabolic mechanisms, regulating the assimilation and metabolism of nutrients, participating in the formation of chlorophyll to increase the energy obtained, the Carrier effect of amino acids facilitates the absorption of nutrients by the plant.

Doses and applications:

Citrus, fruit trees, grapevine, olive and subtropical.

Foliar: 200-300 cc/hl

Localized irrigation: 5 L/hl

Apply during spring and summer sprouting.

Horticultural and industrial crops.

Foliar: 250-300 cc/hl

Localized irrigation: 5 L/ha

Apply at the time of greatest vegetative activity.